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“Well worth the money”

I booked my husband and myself on this tour - I am a great lover of chocolate but he is not so much. This tour is not just about the chocolate as our guide, Marie, told us a lot about the general history of the buildings and sites we were passing on the way to the chocolate. I was amazed at how many chocolate shops there are in Brussels and how they all manage to keep going! We went to some very classy joints but some more affordable ones as well. The workshop was very well organised and I enjoyed eating what I had made afterwards! We were a small group - we were the only English, the rest were Americans - but we all got on very well. Marie was an excellent guide as she was very informative but made the whole thing fun as well. I would suggest that you make a note of the names and locations of your favourite chocolate shops as it took us two days to find the one that sold the most amazing macaroons! This trip is suitable for all but involves a lot of walking so maybe not for young children. There are also quite a few steps and stairs in some of the shops so not suitable for buggies or wheelchairs.

“Food & beer tour was a great experience”

We were taking a break from Paris and took the train to Brussels for a day. We decided to do the food tour which included mussels, cheese, beer, waffles and chocolate. Our tour guide was amazing! We walked about the main square, stopping in various shops and restaurants. She did an excellent job showing us the city and giving us the scoop on the local life and also where to avoid. She recommended a restaurant for dinner that night, which was incredible.
It was a great way to spend one day in Brussels. Tip - don't each lunch before the 1P meet. You will get plenty of food and drink over the 3 hour tour.


“What an amazing experience!”

This was one of a kind experience for us! Guided beer tour with a history lesson of this beautiful city! Our guide was amazing, funny and very friendly. Also spoke English. It felt like a walking
tour with your friends. All participants on our tour were Americans so we end up hanging little bit after the tour. If you haven't done it, we highly recommend it!!!!


“More than just a chocolate tour!”

We booked this tour last minute and weren't disappointed. There were 8 of us on the tour in total and the small number really worked we'll. it was more than just a chocolate tour. We were informed of many historical aspects of Brussels. The walking tour was divided by the chocolate workshop - which was great fun for all ages! The tour guide was well informed and the shops visited were friendly and accommodating and the samples were delicious. This is more than just a chocolate tour and well worth the money!

“Guaranteed Fun”

All these reviewers are right. This is a can't miss 4 hours of fun and education. My wife doesn't usually drink beer and she had a blast. Mary was our guide, it was raining and it didn't matter. Mary took us to several bars and introduced us to 8 very special different beers. Some of the bars had locals only inside because a casual tourist would have no way to find them. During the 4 hours Mary would revisit each of us personally several times with anecdotes and to answer questions. Also between bars Mary would give us valuable inside information about the restaurants and shops along the way. Add to all of this you begin with a group of strangers who gradually get happier and happier until the end when you have a bunch of very nice new friends. We will do this again when we return.


“Fantastic Tour”

Our guide was knowledgeable and shared her understanding of chocolate and also the history of this amazing city. We visited several places and had amazing chocolate - some choices, some were chosen for us. A particular highlight was the chocolate-making portion of the tour where we got to participate in making various chocolates (which we were able to take with us when the tour ended). A fantastic way to experience the city.


“A brilliant tour!”

I booked a trip to Brussels for my partner's birthday and I decided to take her on a tour of the city. After finding this one and reading reviews on tripadvisor I knew I had to book it. Delectable chocolate and interesting facts about the city, what more could a tourist want?
I hadn't expected the tour to be as good as it was, visiting many chocolate shops, and stopping at interesting points in the city. The tour guide (Marie) was brilliant, everyone sang her praises at the end and were thrilled with how much enthusiasm she had. It was by no means a bog standard tour where the guide just reeled off a script half heartedly and this really made the difference between a good tour and a great one.
If you're reading this and wondering whether or not to go on the tour, definitely do it! The chocolate is abundant and the city is beautiful.

“You Should take this Tour”

We had an awesome tour. Our tour guide was perfect. We went to 6 chocolate shops and along the way she stopped and told us about the history of the area as well as points of interest such as restaurants , coffee shops and even great places to shop. It was her first day and you would have never known it. At the end of the tour she even offered to hang around and share a list she had made of things to see and do around the city. Everyone loved our guide.
You should take this tour because not only is it fun , it is the best chocolate ever. I was amazed at the amount of chocolate that we had during the tastings, at now location we tried 3 pieces. It is so hard to decide what you like because it was all great. However; I must say that they save the best for last.... save room ( and some Money to buy some to take home ) at MARY's.
In the middle of the tour we went to their office ( which is lovely ) and made chocolates and tasked some that they had made. It was a lot of fun. Truly it was one of the best things we did in Brussels. Loved this tour.


“A must for all chocolate lovers!”

This tour was brilliant. Had a fantastic tour guide who we later found out was her first day, although you wouldn't have known as she was brilliant. Unfortunately I cannot remember her name (mary i think) but she was knowledgeable not only about chocolate but Brussels itself and I learnt a lot about brussels history on the tour as well as great places to eat and enjoy cocktails. The chocolatiers we visited were exquisite and the best was left for last. I won't tell you what the last tasting is but our guide described it as a 'food orgasm' and those of us on the tour didn't disagree. The chocolate workshop where you create your own chocolates is great fun as well and overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Our tour was on the 26th August 2014



March 2015 This was a fantastic tour. Marie was very knowledgable, witty and engaging. Great value, enjoyable and interesting. Expect to learn about the chocolate history of Brussels as well as seeing the main tourist sites as well. I would do this all over again....

March 2015 Highly recommended. Even if you're knowledgeable about beer already this tour can still teach you a thing or two especially about the Belgian world of beer. Mary, our beer guide was awesome, personable, and her love of beer was obvious.

March 2015 Tour was amazing, Marie really knew so much about Belgian beer and Brussels in general. Only negative was that our group happened to be pretty large (20) and we weren't able to go to one of the bars she wanted to take us to. But overall a great experience, I highly recommend doing it

March 2015 This was a fantastic tour. Loved the guide. She was knowledgable and friendly. We got to make chocolates and also got to see Brussels on foot.

March 2015 The guide was splendid - not only in terms of the Brussels city tour but also in terms of chocolate recommendations. Her explanations were really thorough and I enjoyed the choice of chocolates that we sampled. Great job!

March 2015 Mary--our Tour guide was fantastic. I have already recommended this tour to several colleagues.

March 2015 Marie was a fun and very knowledgeable guide...We had a wonderful time!

March 2015 We had lovely french Mary now converted to a Belgium, as our tour guide on this sweet excursion. her passion for Brussels was contagious and we really had the best time, even though i thought i would die of all the sweetness. while we tasted all the luxury chocolates we got to know the city's flavors and sounds. this walking tour is a MUST for anybody going to Brussels even if you don't have a sweet tooth. and if you can request Mary bonus, as she has all the trivia about the ins and outs of where to go in Brussels. I loved the city and i think its most likely because of this tour.

March 2015 Great guide with a lot of tips in central Brussel, fries, chocolate, pubs, etc. We were a small group that continued beer tasting also after the official tour. The guide joined also afterwards.

February 2015 Amazing tour with a very knowledgable guide. We learnt a lot not just about chocolate but Brussels itself! My perception of chocolate won't ever be the same and my taste buds were delighted! Shehnaz and Omar

February 2015 The tour was excellent. I had my reservations when making the booking as I thought it would be your typical 'touristy bar crawl'. But Mary was excellent and I enjoyed that it was a small group of 7 of us. Learnt a lot and went to some very old bars that you wouldn't normally find as a tourist. Excellent tour.

February 2015 We had such a great time on the beer tour with Marie. She taught us all about the Belgian way or beer making and how it differs from other methods. She showed us some popular landmarks and city secrets between pubs. Highly recommended to start your trip off right!

January 2015 It was sooo cold in Brussels on 21 Dec'14!!! But it didn't stop us going on the Chocolate tour that day.. Marie, our guide was so knowledgeable, outgoing and funny. We went to the best Chocolatier in Brussels, e.g. Pierre Marcolini, Mary, Laurent Gerbaud Tasted and indulged the best chocolates in those places... And went into the Chocolate workshop in their cosy place, got our hands in the chocolate making... Then went home with the goodies...
Really enjoyed the tour, we all joked all didn't mind the walk at all... Marie was just an excellent guide, she not only told us abt chocolate - but also told us a brief history of most of the landmark in Brussels!
I really recommend this tour to anyone who loves chocolate or anyone who wanted to experience a different kinda tour!! -Kiki-

December 2014
Fantastic! Mary was so personable and knowledgable. I felt like the tour took us to some great local places I would have otherwise missed. It was a great introduction to the city and a fun way to meet people.
December 2014 This is a must do when in Brussels! Marie (our guide) was awesome. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about beer--so refreshing to be in the presence of someone who enjoys her job. Sampled a wonderful variety of styles of Belgian beer. Tour has a real local Belgian feel to it thanks to Marie. Great experience. Just do it!

December 2014
So much fun! Highly recommended and totally worth it. Our guide was hilarious and informative-- it was a perfect mix of history, beer, and fun

December 2014 Really glad I booked the chocolate tour! I went with my girlfriend and we enjoyed every minute of the tour. The guide Mary was very knowledgable and friendly and she even took time to show us some of the sights of Brussels. Definitely a tour I would recommend to family and friends!

December 2014
Amazing tour!!! We had a great guide who was very knowledgeable! Enjoyed so much wonderful chocolate and had a blast making our own creations! worth every penny!

December 2014 Mary was a great guide, showing us the sights of Brussels as we stopped in various shops to sample the chocolates. The chocolate making time was fun and it was great to go home with a bag of personally made chocolates. I'd highly recommend taking this tour.
December 2014 Great Guide! Great group! great beer! so many places that we would have never made it to on our own! great way to see the city and experience the beer culture of Belgium! would recommend it to everybody!

November 2014 Our tour guide, Mary, was fantastic! She was warm, engaging, had a great sense of humor, and she knew so much about the city of Brussels and the chocolate history! This is an expensive tour, sure, but you get your money's worth in samples at all the exquisite local treasures along the way. This was definitely one of my favorite parts about my trip to Belgium, and I'd recommend it for any chocolate lover! And if you get Mary as your tour guide, all the better!

November 2014 Excellent experience, I wish I could remember the guide's name, she had a French accent and knew her way around chocolates. She also made sure to accommodate my dietary restrictions. She was informative and this was the best tour from our trip!

November 2014 This was a ton of fun. Everyone in our group was interesting to talk to and Marie, our guide, was great. She really likes her beer and her knowledge was clear. While we went to some spots very close to the Grand Place, you would not see them unless you knew where to look. If really felt like we were in local only places in the middle of a sea of tourists.
We tried many beers I never would have known to select and they were all fantastic. This should be a "must do" while on your trip to Brussels. You won't be disappointed.

November 2014 We took this tour on our first day in Brussels. Despite being a bit tired, we enjoyed this tour very much. Our guide, Mary, was exceptional. She was very personable and certainly knew about the beer. If you like beer, this is a tour that shouldn't be missed.

November 2014
Loved it!! Loved it!!! Loved it!!!
I don't even drink beer generally, but hey, when in Rome... and some of the beers I loved. The tour guide was excellent and took us to 'out of the way' pubs down narrow alleyways away from the main hub. He was very knowledgeable about the beers and about Brussels. It was just fantastic and thoroughly recommend it!!

November 2014 Super super trip - so glad we took this tour! A total insider viewpoint! I'm sure we would not have been able to find most of the gems on our own! Our guide was fantastic and the workshop was phenomenal!

October 2014
This was a very enjoyable , amazing tour, our guide, I forgot her name, was very informative and knowledgeable. She was great...Loved the chocolate tasting..I would absolutely recommend this tour! This tour was the highlight of my vacation.

October 2014 A bit pricey but worth every penny! Mary was the perfect tourist guide with all her city knowledge, chocolate expertise and french humor!

October 2014 This was an amazing tour and workshop. The guide was extremely knowledgeable about Brussels' history, which was unexpected surprise. The tour of the chocolates shops and tastings was very informative and delicious. The workshop was also excellent. We made a lot of chocolate and viewed a video on the history of chocolate. The workshop instructor was very knowledgeable and encouraging. The workshop setting was very beautiful and very welcoming.

October 2014 Mary was wonderful!!! The hands-on class was super fun!!! The chocolate samples were yummy!!! Thank you for a great morning!!!

October 2014 What a great way to explore Brussels - through its chocolate! This was a most enjoyable tour of some of the most renowned chocolate shops led by a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guide. Mary was absolutely wonderful and made the tour so interesting. The highlight was the chocolate workshop where we got a chance to participate in the candy making process.

October 2014 We really enjoyed this tour. Mary was a wonderful guide.

October 2014 I really recommend this tour!! The tour guide, Marie, was very friendly and such a informative person not only in chocolate, but also a lot of things in Brussels ( I was interested in the beer part personally ) , so we got a lot of information about the amazing city as well!! During the tour, we went to a lot of fancy and tasty chocolate shops where you can get free tastings:) Marie was very enthusiastic about teaching us how chocolate is made and what kind of chocolate we were tasting. I had never tasted so many good different chocolates from so many different shops, and now I can hardly eat any chocolate from the supermarket:P And the workshop was so much fun as well! Learning some techniques and making your own chocolate dipped me into the chocolate world fully! This tour made me really feel grateful for visiting Belgium:)

October 2014 Our tour guide, Mary, was awesome. She had loads of great information and a wonderful personality. We sampled lots of chocolate and had a really nice city tour. The workshop was very informative, but the quality of the chocolate at the workshop wasn't great.

October 2014 This was probably the most enjoyable experience in our entire trip. Most had to do with our tour guide, Marie (or Mary). Marie was enthusiastic to give us a good time. She was very attentive from taking us to taste and appreciate the Brussels beers as she was very concerned that we taste the best Zealand mussels. And of course she took us to taste the best Belgian waffles. She spent time to explain
the history and background of the city as we walked around during the evening. She paced well the tour and spent time with us long after the "official' end of the tour. Best is probably her kind,
caring and cheerful personality. Thank you Marie! Sam and Ellen Markowitz, Toronto, Canada

September 2014 Wow...this was brilliant. We were sooooo lucky. We had both Marc and Marie (Mary) complete the tour with us. We were blessed with double the knowledge and experience of this tour. It was over and above all of our expectations. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wishes to experience a real Brussels. Food and location tour. Thanks Marc and Marie for a brilliant were both fantastic.
Pasco group of four from Western Australia. We Loved Your Tour.......
September 2014 Our guide was excellent. she was very knowledgable and answered all of our questions. Mary explain the history of Belgium chocolates and answered all of our questions. I would definitely recommend this trip to anybody looking to get to know about Belgium chocolates

September 2014 So glad I did this the morning I arrived in Brussels. Not only did we tour chocolate shops, our guide pointed out major sights and good restaurants. I took his recommendations after the tour and went back to many areas of the city to explore further. I like the way the tour was organized, from least expensive chocolate and ending at the most expensive. We got to choose the chocolate we wanted to taste at each stop. Very personalized. The workshop was fun...using melted dark chocolate and a dozen different toppings to create our own flavors. At the end of the tour, our homemade chocolates arrived in a pretty cellophane bag ready for us to take home. Just wonderful...a must do if you like chocolate!

September 2014 The Best tour of our entire trip to Dublin, London, and Belgium. Mary was fabulous!