Practical Wanderlust

“The Brussels Journey’s Beer and Chocolate Tour has all of the things that make a food tour great. Daniel, as well as his assistant, was energetic, charismatic, and knowledgeable, and that radiated onto the group. We were able to step out of our respective bubbles – whether it be couples or friend groups – and enjoy the tour as a group. We learned a ton about Belgian chocolate making and enough about Belgian beer to sufficiently pass as beer snobs back home (which is what really matters, right?). We explored parts of Brussels by foot that we’d never seen and dived into its culture and history. The Brussels Journey’s Beer and Chocolate Tour is a wonderful Brussels food tour, and we highly recommend it to anyone who’s ever wondered “but why do I have to choose between chocolate and beer?”

Practical Wanderlust Blog

Olivia Christine

“That is a LIFE bucket list.
Get acquainted with Brussels as you taste filling chocolate samples from acclaimed shops and exclusive chocolatiers. The moment you start to feel sick from doing the one thing grown ups told you not to do (eat too much chocolate), move on to the beer. I didn’t even like beer but, as promised to me, I now love Belgium beer. Visit local bars and taverns to taste Abbey beers, Lambics, Belgian IPAs, Triple Blonds, and Double Browns (and more) and become tipsy with 10 new best friends by the evening. ”

Olivia  Christine Blog

1 Dad 1 Kid

“During my research for things to do in Brussels, I came across this chocolate and beer tour conducted by The Brussels Journey. It ended up being one of the best tours I’ve taken. It’s no wonder they have such a high ranking on TripAdvisor even though they’ve only been in operation for about a year so far. One couple in our group was in Paris, and they took the train to Brussels specifically to do this tour. Another had come to Brussels for just the day and made sure to book this tour.
Yeah, it’s that good.”

1 Dad 1 Kid Blog

Glitter and Passport

“A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to go to the land of chocolate, waffles, fries, Looking at all of my options and knowing I wasn’t a beer lover, I wanted to have an experience that would allow me to go beyond my comfort zone while also enjoying the experience as well. Then I saw The Brussels Journey, a local beer and chocolate tour run by a local herself, Marie! Not going to lie, at first, I was super excited about the chocolate tour while also not knowing what to expect with the beer part of the tour! So here’s my super awesome experience with The Brussels Journey!”

Glitter and Passport Blog

The Expat Experiment

“Again, blown away by the huge selection we benefited from Marie’s expertise. She expertly provided us with the best traditional and modern beers to try in Brussels.
We see such great value in taking food and drink tours when we travel. The Brussels Journey Beer and Chocolate Tour is the best one we’ve taken yet! If you want to try the best beer and chocolate in Brussels we highly recommend this tour.”

The Expat Experiment Blog

The Hungry Traveller

“Without question, the Brussels Beer and Chocolate Tour was the highlight of our stay in Belgium. Marie was a fantastic guide and taught us about Belgian culture while leading us to the finest Belgian chocolates and the highest quality Belgian beers, all while in the company of other friendly travelers. The Brussels Beer and Chocolate Tour is an absolute must-do in Brussels.”

The Hungry Traveller Blog